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Become high performing reader with Fastr

What if you could train your reading skills while reading your favorite book or an article - wouldn't that be nice? This is what we have achieved with Fastr speed reading app.

You can now be training while reading your favorite books that are interesting and appealing to you. Fastr turns reading skills training into a fun and pleasant process and we welcome you to be part of it!

Fastr app for iPhone

What’s inside?

Two ways of reading - classical and speed reading (using word flash)
In word flash text comes in adjustable chunks from 1 word to several words
Reading speed adjustment with gestures on the fly, while reading
Achivement sharing via Facebook or Twitter and much more!

Highlight and annotate

Fastr app lets you highlight your favourite parts in the text, save them and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or by email. You can also access the list of your highlights, if you need to go through them repeatedly to study or prepare for an exam.

Highlight and anotate

Read and train on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Fastr mobile app is now available for iOS devices and Fastr web app can be accessed online from a desktop computer. Reading progress is being synced accross the devices, so you can always continue from the page, where you left off.

Highlight and anotate

Add ePub format books and organize your library

Fastr lets you add books from Dropbox, Safari, add files on website and add some books just from the app. ePub format is now supported. Adding your own reading materials has never been easier.

Three main features of Fastr

Efficient reading training
Freedom of choosing the books for training
Reading Stats to monitor your progress

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